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Kids bikes come in lots of shapes and sizes. Here in one convenient place we provide parents all the information they need to choose the best bike for their child.

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Which bike should I choose for my child?

Of all the things that you buy for your child, a bike is one of the most memorable. Most kids get a bike about about age 4 and the earlier kids learn to ride a bike the better. The bike sizes are determined by wheel size, and the correct wheel size for your child will depend on their height.

Bike Brands

There are lots of bike brands online and we help you find the right choice for your budget. Parents can find a safe, high-quality bike for their child to ride at every price point.

Kids Bike Safety

Bikes are dangerous and children should be closely supervised by an adult while learning to ride. Kid and adults should also always wear a helmet when riding.

Ratings & Reviews

Our ratings and reviews compare dozens of leading kids bikes to help you find the right bike to buy your child. Remember that bike designs are updated frequently so there may be changes in specifications that are noted on the product pages.


When looking at a bike consider you and your child’s needs.

Here are some things to consider:

Will your child ride their bike on paved surfaces or on dirt surfaces?

How far will your child be riding and will it mostly be around the block?

How quickly is your child growing and how long are their legs?

Note: This page will be updated as frequently as possible as product specifications are updated and new products emerge.